Tunca Pekcan born in 1984.Started his music life when he was in primary school. After he got into many musical instruments , he decided to play drums while he was in high school in Turkey.While playing at bar gigs with his bands, he started to write his own songs and they released 2 demo albums with the band “Denklem” (Murat Özel,Fatih Köken) in Turkey.

2003 he moved to T.R.N.C for university education.

While he was playing at concerts and bar gigs with several bands, he recorded 3 demo albums and radio jingles in the north side of the island.
The songs were started to be played in radio stations in T.R.N.C , “Disappointment” & “Harlot’s Cry” were played in Europe and U.S radio shows.
With his band “The Tunes” (Niyal Öztürk,Serkan Çelik,Mert Kozal,Ufuk Şevki),he organized “Rock Contest” to encourage university bands play on the stage and “Rock4Share” event to raise fund for Nicosia Orphanage.He played with the band EagleHeart in T.R.N.C’s very first TV Talk Show Program named “Gındırık Show”.
While he was playing at many concerts and Spring Festivals in universities with the band “Foundeep” , he recorded the drums in single of Panarmos – Uçurtma.
He is still playing gigs and concerts with artists and Acoustic4 in the north side of the island , recording cover songs/jingles and giving drum lessons.

Still trying to improve his drumming skills by studying with Legendary Cengiz Baysal..

Proudly endorsed by Pur Cajon and Collision Drumsticks.

Bands Participated

The Tunes
Utku Yerebakan ve Hayal Ekibi


Denklem – Denk Geldi
Tunca Pekcan – Kaybolan Sevgili
Tunca Pekcan feat. Levent Kocabal – Şizofren
Tunca Pekcan feat. Levent Kocabal – Welcome to End
Tunca Pekcan feat. Levent Kocabal – Disappointment
Panarmos – Uçurtma